Give your pet a chance to enjoy exciting, fun filled days while you’re away at work or play! After enjoying a day with love, attention, and exercise with our staff, at daycare, your animal will return home relaxed and content.

Fitness in the Fence

Fitness in the Fence is part of our daycare program that provides opportunities for your pet to exercise and play, either in our large outdoor fenced area or in a smaller indoor fenced area with one of our expert staff members.  Just as people need exercise to be healthy, animals also need exercise to be healthy.   There is no additional charge for your pet to participate in our “Fitness in the Fence” program during their stay.  Fitness activities can be either individualized or in a small socialization group with other animals under the close supervision of our staff. Fitness activities include, but are not limited to, frisbee throwing, playing fetch, and ball retrieving. If your animal has a favorite toy, feel free to bring it along for your animal’s turn in the fence!

*All animals are taken out for “Fitness in the Fence” on a daily basis unless otherwise noted by the owner.

Daycare Rates

Canine Guests Daily Rate
Under 30lbs. $14.00
30-55lbs. $15.00
56+ lbs. $16.00
Feline Guests $15.00