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Spring Wellness Special

What is a wellness panel? A wellness panel is labwork- bloodwork with or without a urinalysis that allows Dr. Gore to check your pet(s) organ function, endocrine function, blood count, and urine for potential issues. In healthy pets, they allow Dr. Gore to establish a baseline for your pet’s “normal” values. This can help with
The veterinary community has known for some time that many clients like to search the internet for information on their pet(s) health. Instant access to information can make pet owners feel empowered and proactive tadalafil best price. This ready access to information can be helpful but in many cases can cause harm. It is important

The Importance of Follow Through

dog getting a physical from the veterinarian in Raleigh
There are many times that we see patients for conditions which require a followup examination.  Some examples of these conditions are upper respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, ear infections, limb injuries, spinal injuries, and surgical procedures.  Of course, this list is by no means comprehensive. We have several reasons for scheduling follow-up appointments.  For both

Holiday Safety for Your Pet

The holidays can be a wonderful time for families and friends but they can be rife with danger for our four-legged friends. Make sure to take precautions so that all of your family members can enjoy this time of year. There are several things to keep in mind during this season. First, though our furry